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Officially give up. On everything.

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A jokey status about wanting wine has turned into 2 friends bring drink to my flat for me. I did not see this happening.

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“Do things your future self will thank you for.”

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Like buy ice cream. Future you will love the shit out of that.

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And wow I am a pessimistic bitch who puts on an optimistic face.

Ask me anything Fri, Sep. 12, 2014
Anonymous Asked:
I think you are beautiful and I know this may not mean much to you at the moment but I hope one day you will feel as beautiful as you are and you are hella awesome sauce beautiful

That really does mean a lot and honestly I hope this is sincere but I find it insanely hard to believe anything of that sort. I mean ill be happily when I’ve finally been able to afford the surgery I’ve been planning since I was about 11 because that was when I realised I coukd change how I looked via surgery. And the whole weight thing has been a constant struggle with me and suprisingly not one of the things I’ve constantly waited for being able to afford to fix. I know I can do that alone I just can’t find the middle ground between healthy eating and starving myself. And I know this wasn’t the reply you expected but I have drank a lot and therefore I suck at accepting a compliment in the “thanks” sort of way. But Yeah thank you. I hope one day I get to a place where I like myself. But I dint see it happening anytime soon when I’ve hated myself for so many years.

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Still angry about being disregarded for being a girl. I thought I lived in a day where equality was a real thing. I hate judgement in any level based on career. I don’t care if you are a fucking nude model, a female rugby player a male ballerina or a fucking transsexual pope. I fully believe you should be allowed to do the profession you wish regardless of your gender or whatever else. And it really posses me off that this is not the case.

Sorry for the bad examples. First thing to mind.

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Keep getting angry at how fat I am but never doing anything about it.

No one understands how hard it is for me to find a middle ground.

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